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Swagcycle envy scooter

I am returning the scooter and like to know if I need to pack the sit also. The scooter needs a new battery.


Return policy

Rather a comment, I hope you can direct me in the right direction to complete customer satisfaction. It is absurd that such an expensive product with potential problems with electronics in the past and currently.

The stores and manufacture would deny any customer satisfaction. I bought a swagtron T580 on Aug 17 2018 and already have issues with turning on and holding any charge.

The product has not been used much. The item does not work well or it is defected item.


Swagtron t3 power issues

Won’t stay on


Hover board won’t stop buzzing and won’t move

I need to no how do I stop the hover board from buzzing it’s been buzzing for 5 hours the only time it stop buzzing is if it’s plugged up and I don’t want to over heat it ....


cancellation of order and request of refund

12/01/17 AMZ*Swagtron AMZN.COM/PMTS CARD: 3129051 12/01/2017 22:54 Debit Card Purchase -$249.99


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