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Didnt get a charger with my hover board for Christmas

I got a hover board for xmas and it didn't come with a charger can u ma me one please


Swagcycle envy scooter

I am returning the scooter and like to know if I need to pack the sit also. The scooter needs a new battery.


Swagtron t3 power issues

Won’t stay on


Hover board won’t stop buzzing and won’t move

I need to no how do I stop the hover board from buzzing it’s been buzzing for 5 hours the only time it stop buzzing is if it’s plugged up and I don’t want to over heat it ....


cancellation of order and request of refund

12/01/17 AMZ*Swagtron AMZN.COM/PMTS CARD: 3129051 12/01/2017 22:54 Debit Card Purchase -$249.99


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