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Just got the Swagway x2 an hour ago. I ordered for a Christmas present from swagtron.com and it has a LARGE crack, it's dirty, scratched, no branding on the box or the user manual.

Many spelling errors in the manual. I went to their website and the x2 can't be found on their site anymore. Very shady. I seems to be a knock off but was ordered directly from their site.

I will be returning it and warning others on social media not to buy from them. Worst online shopping experience I have ever had.

Product or Service Mentioned: Swagway X2 Hoverboard.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Company wrote 1 public responses to the review from Dec 16, 2016.
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Centerville, Massachusetts, United States #1262021

Same boat here. I have been trying to get a response since this product stopped working after about 4 hours of use on Christmas day. How disappointing.


Same boat here. Ordered one on Dec 10th, daughter opened it on Christmas morning, one of the lights is pushed in and the lights are two different colors, blue & purple.

Not too happy right now and have emailed them so we will see how it goes.

Nowhere did mine say it "may be a used item". Not paying $200 for a USED Item.

Palm Coast, Florida, United States #1260802

Oh yea, and the two lights on top stay on but x2 wont work. My poor son is devastated his x2 does not work. I have purchased countless items online in past 15 years and never had an issue like getting a old, used, defective item.

Palm Coast, Florida, United States #1260798

I too received a green X2 Swagway board that appears used and the void sticker seems to have been tampered with. I emailed "satisfaction@swagtron.com" and look forward to a satisfying resolution. Will update what happens asap.

Ellsworth, Iowa, United States #1260644

My son got the X2 today for Christmas. It seemed to be in good shape but it doesn't seem to charge. Has anyone been able to get in touch with the company about this?

to Anonymous #1260675

Same here. Won't charge.

to Anonymous Flint, Texas, United States #1260706

So upset with this purchase!! Like the rest of you we bought ours for a Christmas gift.

We pulled it out on Christmas Eve to get ready (ours looked new), it seemed to be charging but then wouldn't turn on. We tried for a good 2 hours to get it turned on before we gave up. My husband had to ran out at the last minute to get a replacement gift which thankfully he found. Checked it again this afternoon, to our surprise it would come on randomly and not turn off when the button was pushed.

It did eventually shut its self off.

Plan on calling tomorrow morning (Monday) to see about a refund. After reading other reviews from past customers regarding customer service I don't have high hopes though.

to Anonymous Lexington, Kentucky, United States #1260909

Same here. Board looks good but won't hold a charge. Rides for only a few minutes then gets red flashing battery light


Also thought the same thing when our very excited daughter opened her hover board! Went to go charge it and only have part of the charger!!

Tried to enter info for warranty and it won't submit my info....

could not find the x2 anywhere on their website but yet it says they are part of the better business bureau. I'm afraid to return it that I won't get my money back :( Not the Christmas gift I hoped for!!!!

New York, New York, United States #1260114

I just received my son's and now that I am reading everybody reviews , I currently check his hoover board and I am having the same problem .. the hoover board has scratches and looks like footprint's on it ..

I do not see a UL certification sticker on it like it should have .. I am starting to think this company is shady .

I want on website today and I don't see the swagway x2 on there any more. Seems shady to me

Arlington, Virginia, United States #1260090

I agree. bought directly from swag way and one came on time, the other took forever.

it is so sensitive that you can hardly get on and off of it. i will be sending it back

Prattville, Alabama, United States #1257842

I ordered one last week still has not shipped after reading these posts I went to the website and it now says in bright red text. They are clearance items and may be in used condition. I am sure this want on there when I ordered...


Where you able to get in contact with them? I received my organs but have them elsewhere haven't taken a look at them yet.

to Hoverboards not organs #1257351

Man that sucks i have a green x2 on the way from California. Customer service told me the board would be shipping from Indiana so it would only take a couple days to make it to Pennsylvania

to Hoverboards not organs Pearl, Mississippi, United States #1311228


Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #1256758

After reading the other reviews, it appears that it is very common for them to send out used, dirty, broken boards.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1286623
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