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Still beping when i ride my hover board

Product or Service Mentioned: Swagtron Hoverboard.

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Swagtron Verified Representative

We are very sorry to hear about the issue with your board! Have you been able to receive any assistance regarding this matter?

If not, here are a few suggestions to troubleshoot the unit: Let's try recalibration steps 1-5 (Please BE SURE to use levels!) Calibration Step 1 : Start with the Swagtron powered off. Step 2: Place each level parallel with the wheel touching the inside of the wheel base. Step 3: Rotate the Swagtron until both levels on each wheel base are level. If you do not have a level, make sure both platforms are equal with each other and level to the ground as best as possible.

Step 4: While keeping the Swagtron level, hold the power button down. The Swagtron will make the normal power on tone. Wait 3 seconds and you will hear a single beep. Release the power button.

Front LEDs will begin flashing. Power the Swagtron off. Step 5: Power on again. The Swagtron should now be calibrated.

If the Swagtron is still not calibrated correctly, go to step 1 and begin making minor adjustments.P lease repeat steps 1-5 twice. Also, if the unit is beeping it this can be caused by a low battery, so it's a good idea to make sure your charger is working properly. If the light on the charger is glowing red when plugged into the wall only to turn green when inserted into the board, your charger is most likely working correctly. Our certified techs would be happy to inspect the board if the above steps did not help to solve the beeping.

Every new Swagtron product comes fully protected against defects by our gold-standard warranty for an entire year from the date of purchase. Please email us at with your order information so we can get this solved.

Customer support looks forward to hearing from you. #SwagtronCares

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